Monsterfil is a European brand of large-spool 3D printing filament and accessories with one of the most competitive prices across the market. 


The filament was developed in collaboration between RoboSavvy Ltd. - established supplier of 3D printing materials and Filkemp Lda. - Europe's
leading manufacturer of monofilament plastic extrusion.


Monsterfil PLA mixture has been sourced from the most reputable chemical manufacturer certified food-safe world-wide, NatureWorks Ingeo™ Biopolymer 4032D.


The filament was developed to the highest specifications to ensure great 3D printing results and is compatible with all 3D printers that allow open spool filament.

- Available in 1.75mm and 2.85 with 3 spool sizes: 1kg, 2.27kg, 4,54kg. 
- Lubricant to reduce friction. 
- Excellent geometry with a thickness variation of less than 3%


Monsterfil offers a wide colour range of large spool PLA filament.


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