Carbide 3D - Gator Tooth Clamps - Anodized Aluminium

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Carbide 3D

A high-quality and versatile clamp with some serious bite!

The Gator Tooth Clamp is an ultra low profile clamp, designed to be used in a variety of ways.

  1. As a backstop, the serrated face of the Gator Tooth Clamps provides a strong grip to keep your stock from moving.
  2. As a low-profile side clamp, use the angled M6 screw to tighten your stock against a backstop.
  3. As a toe clamp, the Gator Tooth Clamps can hold onto stock up to 40mm thick without additional shims.

Gator Tooth Clamps offer over 30mm of lateral travel, meaning that no matter what you're making, these beasts will hold your job down safely and securely.

Gator Tooth Clamps come in anodized aluminum or stainless steel and are designed to be used with M6 or 1/4 hardware. They work exceptionally well with our Threaded Inserts or the T-Track.

Each 4-pack of Gator Tooth Clamps is supplied with the following hardware:

  • (BHCS) 1/4x20x3/4 x 4
  • (BHCS) 1/4x20x1-1/4 x 4
  • (BHCS) 1/4x20x1-3/4 x 4
  • (BHCS) M6 x 20mm x 4
  • (BHCS) M6 x 30mm x 4
  • (BHCS) M6 x 40mm x 4
  • M6 x 1 x 12mm Grub Screw x 4
  • M6 x 1 x 25mm Grub Screw x 4
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