Do Business “In-Person” Anywhere with the Double 3

Double 3


Do Business “In-Person” Anywhere with the Double 3

With remote working, home offices, working abroad or relocating to new offices around the globe being ever more present in our globalized world – it´s natural that trends in atomization, automatic assistants and video conferencing are all the rage in today´s working culture. But what if you could do all that with 1 robot? 


Double Robotics is launching its latest hot product, Double 3 into the global market this month of October. With multiple 3D built-in sensors, it enables the Double 3 to understand its environment, where it’s safe to drive, and how to divert around obstacles to reach its destination. Now you can give virtual tours of your facility to new customers who have never been there before. Or, be present in other offices with clients around the world!

Double 3 models

Improving upon the Double 2, Double 3 is a fully integrated hardware with six Beamforming microphones, unified "Pan-Tilt-Zoom" cameras, click-to-drive self-driving software, dual kickstands to park anywhere, and a charging dock that´s always on and ready to charge for the next shift or meeting. No iPad installation, Bluetooth pairing, or accessories are required, making setup much easier. Simply install the Double 3 Head onto the robot base with the one bolt, and it's ready to go.


This type of enhanced view is commonly referred to as Mixed Reality. Mixed Reality is similar to Augmented Reality, except virtual 3D objects are added into the live video stream, and they look and behave as if they are placed in the real world. An advanced software algorithm combines all of the movement into one seamless user experience - you just point to what you want to see. You can read everything, from the paperwork on a desk in front of you to the whiteboard across the room. Additionally, thanks to obstacle avoidance, driving is now safer, easier, and more reliable. It´s almost like you´re there – but you´re not!

double 3 view

With a developer-friendly API, the Double 3 software enables customized applications to be built into what you have in mind in terms of functional features. Through modular subsystems, it allows developers to alter what they need for their application use. The tiered architecture provides hooks to sensor data and autonomous features at various levels. Various expansion ports and mounting points allow additional hardware to be added. For more info about how to API on the Double 3 works, check out this information.


Without a doubt, Double 3 will be a hot product for this end of the year! RoboSavvy will be sporting an exciting campaign to usher in our new product launch of the D3 – so keep an eye out and hands on deck for this latest addition to our online market shelves.


By: Jonny Coelho