We had the chance to chat with one of our current X-Carve makers. Marius Strumilas is based in Lithuania and runs FoxbyFox, a small family business. They create wooden toys, boxes, and office wares, while also designing graphic T-shirts and sweaters.

Another part of Marius' business is video production, but after being introduced to the X-Carve he expanded into unique and bespoke products. Boasting a large range of custom items, FoxbyFox is based almost entirely on the ease of use and efficiency of the X-Carve by Inventables.



Q How has the X-Carve changed your way of working with your projects? Has it increased your productivity?

A X-Carve has opened us up to new business possibilities. Before, we were exclusively a video production house. But now, we can offer our clients more personalized advertisement possibilities! We can make prizes for events, hardwood toys, business souvenirs and any product our client wants us to make.


Q Was setting up the X-Carve a smooth operation?

A I took my time. I think that in two days I had it working.


Marius made this custom enclosure to help contain dust and keep the machine quiet.

Q What bits are best suited for your projects? What materials do you mostly use?

AWe have tried a lot of different materials - hardwoods: white oak, walnut, purpleheart, and others like; plexiglass and aluminum for engraving. We have a lot of types of bits and they all have their own job but most of the time we use the Solid Carbide 2 Flute Straight End Mill and the Solid Carbide Single Flute Upcut End Mill.


Q Would you recommend other woodworkers use an X-Carve and why?

A Yes, definitely! it's a really unique machine for the asking price. You can make your money back after a couple of bigger projects. It´s also easy to use! The Easel software looks simple but it is powerful enough for all our projects.

Q Do you feel any improvements could be made to the X-Carve functionality?

A So far it's working nicely and I think one needs time to grow with the machine. After that, maybe, I can comment on improvements... But for now, it works straight out of the box!


Q What´s your favorite feature of your X-Carve? What´s the most troubling?

A My favorite feature is that you can make anything really, all you need is ideas! If you have creative projects in mind - the machine will do the job for you.
The most troubling obstacle, I think, is the learning curve. Every time you make something new, you can find out how you can do better on forums - making it easier to use on the next project.



We would like to thank Marius for giving us an insight on how the X-Carve supports his passion and livelihood. If you have had a similar experience and want to get featured please get in touch via to the products mentioned above can be found below:



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