Kondo KHR-3HV Ver.2 Humanoid Robot (No battery included)

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Kondo KHR-3HV Ver.2 Humanoid Robot (No battery included)
Kondo KHR-3HV Ver.2 Humanoid Robot (No battery included)

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£1,158.40 £965.33


    The KHR-3HV is the most popular humanoid robot in Japan, with it's full metal gear servos with a lot of torque it's used by enthusiasts as a fighting robot and universities as a tool to study humanoid locomotion on robots.

    Main Features

    KRS-2552RHV High performance servo

    With all metal gear including the output shaft and ball bearing support this servo gives a precise and smooth motion, providing 14kg/cm of torque it's one of the most compact servos in it's class

    Daisy chain connection

    With daisy chain serial communication the cable routing is not a problem anymore. It also helps in keeping the weight as low as possible and much less wiring and communication failures.

    Frame Unique design

    With it's unique design the legs allow the robot to crouch easily. The idea is to improve the defensive motions during fights by lowering the centre of gravity.

    Excellent stability with the new design sole

    The new bottom sole design improves the stability during standing and walking, allowing you to make more with the robot.

    Dummy Servo Joint

    The default version uses 'dummy servos' as joints for a future easy to upgrade situation. You can upgrade the robot with 5 extra servos and all your previous motions will be compatible. No more redoing all motions when you add extra degrees of freedom.

    Wireless control (sold separately)

    With the nre KRC-5FH you can remote control the robot remotely using a digital interface. No more analog RC issues.

    English Documentation and Software

    • Assembly Instructions EN
    • Users Manual EN
    • Heart to Heart 4 v.1.2 EN
      This is the latest Officially Translated version of Heart to Heart 4 (on rare occasions some messages may still show in Japanese)
    • Heart to Heart 4 v.2 EN (Beta)
      Latest Heart to Heart 4 version (Beta).
    • ICS Manager 3.5 EN
      Enables changing Servo IDs and a number of Configurations and Parameters on the servos.
    • RCB 4 Serial Protocol
      • libkondo4: contributed by community member chrisvo this is a C library that exposes and encapsulates all the RCB4 Serial Protocol commands.
        The library also encapsulates Serial Commands for the ICS 3.0 Serial Protocol (to directly control ICS 3.0 Servos such as the KRS 2552HV used in KHR 3HV)
      • Documentation for Playing Motions: resulting of analysing libkondo, RoboSavvy prepared this guidance document with the Serial packets necessary to Stop Play and Query Execution Status for Motions
        A Python Example is available for download (you need Python and the PySerial library to run it).
      • Forum thread about interfacing the RCB4 Serial port with an external MCU (pinouts, signal levels, ...)

    Kit contents

    • Lightweight anodized aluminium frame
    • Reinforced resin servo brackets
    • 17 x KRS-2552RHV ICS Servos
    • USB adapter
    • CD with manual and sample motions
    • Screws, nuts and all required accessories for assembly

    Software compatibility

    OS: WindowsXP SP2 or later, requires Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0
    Windows 10 driver can be downloaded here

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