Rock N' Wood with Krimo

Rock N' Wood with Krimo

Krimo Erras

With more automated technology appearing in the market by the day, RoboSavvy has always been on the front end of supporting hobbyists, makers, artists, and tinkerers with upgrading their equipment to get their work done the best way possible.

Automation is not just for automobiles, humanoid robots, warehouse machines, and industry-grade equipment – it´s in your home and workshop as well.

Equipment such as CNC machines or 3D printers can evolve and transform your hard work into profitable creations for your audience to acquire as personalized pieces or art collector items.


For others who´ve always had a creative vein in their being, acquiring such a machine, such as a CNC, can be an absolute renaissance of how they approach their work.

For woodworking artists, such as Krimo, this can be a new experience on how to rekindle your creative process and show your newfound work to new audiences.

We spoke to Krimo, after his new expo in his home town café, about how he felt using a CNC machine for the first time and what others thought of his work.


Check out our interview with Krimo:

1. What´s your history with woodworking? How did you get into the idea of using a CNC?

I am a trained carpenter and also an independent artist. I´ve done abstract paintings and wood sculptures for many years. The X-Carve seems to combine my passion for woodworking and my creativity. It also acts as a well-trained assistant.

2. Did you feel great feedback from your audience during your opening showcase? How did you feel showing your work?

I had the most amazing feedback about my work. People are very excited about it and have been sharing it on social media. Exposing my new line of work for the first time felt great!


3. Do you see the possibility of turning your newfound work into a business or even a fulltime project?

Definitely, it is possible to turn this into a business! I already feel I’m in need of a bigger workspace/workshop and have been receiving orders and prospects since the start of my exhibition.

4. How was your buying experience and support through RoboSavvy?

Outstanding! Received very good technical support with no questions asked and help in setting up the X-Carve. I also received helpful support and great assistance with specs and calibration.


5. Do you recommend others to get into CNC machines? Would you suggest them to buy from RoboSavvy (why)?

Yes! I would recommend others to buy a CNC machine, it can bring your creativity to life at the push of a button! RoboSavvy did it for me, they can do it for you!



We would like to thank Krimo  for giving us an insight into how the X-Carve supports his passion and creativity If you have had a similar experience and want to get featured please get in touch via 


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