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A motorized spool holder that enables any 3D filament printer to make use of large size plastic spools. When using a heavy spool without a motorized spool feeder, the 3D printer may not be able to apply enough force to rotate the big spool and leads to a higher likelihood of missed steps and clogging that result in botched prints. MonsterFeed supports spools of up to 10kg.

Monsterfeed Pro is a motorized filament feeding device. Universally designed to meet your filament need. Strong and robust, it’s built with a single steel frame and aluminium rods mounted on ball bearings. It comes fully assembled and it couldn’t be any easier to use. Just place the spool and start printing. No need to use extra parts to fix or lock the spool in place. Handles perfectly with either a 0.7kg spool or a 10lb Monsterfil spool. Any spool can fit in this spool holder.

The Monsterfeed Pro is the perfect support for big and heavy spools allowing your printer to easily pull the filament and get perfect prints continuously without need of constantly changing the spool.

With the motorized spool holder the filament is feeded effortlessly to your 3D printer decreasing the risk of failed prints due to extruder jams. Also the motorized spool holder has a built in buzzer that alerts the user when the filament is not flowing during unspooling. All this is possible thanks to a trigger system that senses the tension on the filament and commands the motor to unspool the filament allowing a perfect feed to the 3d printer.

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  • Compatible with virtually all spool sizes
  • Simple to use – no need of additional supports or moving parts to hold the spool
  • Strong and reliable – Powder coated steel frame, aluminium shafts with ball bearings
  • Anti-slip elastomer feet
  • Compact design
  • Ready to use – Comes fully assembled
  • Filament jam alert – Buzzer allert when the filament jams
  • No excessive tension on the filament
  • Automatic filament feeding – releases the spool as the printer needs
  • Plug-n-Play – power on and it’s ready to work

Spool diameter (OD)From 150mm to 400mm
Spool widthUp to 200mm
Filament Diameter1.75mm
Max spool weight8 Kg
Dimensions330x230x66mm (LxWxH)
Weight1,08 Kg
Power ConsumptionMax 5W (max 1A @5V)

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