"YouTubers are key examples of how to show-off

creative potential and help other makers get

going or inspiredwith their projects"



Makers Central is the main event for the Makers Community! A gathering of empowered makers & shakers from all over the world including hobbyists, crafters, artists and, inventors to share and celebrate their passion and energy for all things hands-on creative. For the 2nd time in a row, RoboSavvy Ltd. was there to promote equipment and machines to empower makers and enhance their tool arsenal during the event held over the weekend 11-12 th of May 2019.


Our esteemed CEO Nuno Gato & very own Connoisseur of Technology Scott Heppell were at the show this year to expo CNC Machines - like the Shapeoko XXL by Carbide3D & X-Carve 1000mm by Inventables, the MakerBot Replicator+ Desktop 3D printer & finallythe vacuum mold machine Mayku FormBox. There we were able to display the amazing capabilities of each product with awesome sample pieces and show-off what the amazing power of precision-accurate machines can do – for you.


Our stand was at the front and center of the event. Our crew had a full view of all of what was happening all-around and got to dig-in to the best highlights of the show and feel the energy of all the passing attendees. Scott had this to say, “It was a solid event with a wide variety of crafts being shown. Leatherwork, metalwork, woodwork, along with CNC’s, sewing machines, leather machines, laser cutters. There were also some youtubers with their outrageous inventions like the hulkbuster and a motorized recliner.” 


 Going to these events gives RoboSavvy a fantastic opportunity to come face-to-face with current clients and prospect buyers – giving them, and us, the chance to see our faces and know what we´re all about. “In general, for us, it was a productive show. We were always busy giving out information - and a lot of interest was shown in the XCarve & Shapeoko. I enjoyed some of our current customers coming by and chatting. It was also fun meeting new prospective customers”, tells Scott about his MC weekend!

Finally – events like Makers Central are incredible to come into contact with superstar makers and people who you should watch out for or follow. According to Nuno, “YouTubers are key examples of how to show-off creative potential and help other makers get going or inspiredwith their projects. I really think that makers should follow the work of Cristiana Felgueiras (Get Hands Dirty) & Colin Furze via YouTube to see how far the imagination can stretch when you put your time, energy and passion into making


We hope to see you next year at Makers Central 2020! This year was definitely memorable for our team out at the event! Keep making your amazing ideas become real world realizations, and if you ever need some extra components, equipment or full-on machines – RoboSavvy is at your service.



Jonny Coelho