MonsterFil - Leaf Green PLA (2.85mm, 1 kg)

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MonsterFil - Leaf Green PLA (2.85mm, 1 kg) High Quality Plastic

Made only from the best sources

The filament has been developed to the highest specification to ensure great 3D printing results.

The PLA is sourced from the most reputable chemical manufacturer certified world-wide, NatureWorks Ingeo™ Biopolymer 4032D and is extruded in high flow industrial monofilament plastic extrusion machines.

The lengthy extrusion process keeps the filament at a constant tension of 6N that guarantees near perfect thickness with a maximum measured thickness variation of 3%.

A small amount of oil was added to the filament surface to prevent accumulation of static electricity and to avoid absorption of moisture.

Recommended printer setup:

Extrusion temperature: 210º C / 410 F
Active cooling: ON


Available spool size: 1 kg (2.20 lbs)
Filament diameter 2.85mm


Frequently Asked Questions

Which printers are Monsterfil compatible with?
Monsterfil filament will work on any PLA 3D printer that uses non-proprietary spool technology.
Monsterfil 2.85mm filament can be used on various printers, including Ultimaker 2, Ultimaker Original and LulzBot TAZ 5.

Why 2.85mm filament?
The printers that use 2.85mm filament are bowden-based. This means that the filament is guided by a flexible tube from the extruding motor (cold-end) to the nozzle (hot-end). 2.85mm filament is stronger than 1.75mm so it's ideal for this type of extruders. The main advantage of a Bowden style extruder is to reduce the weight of the moving components. With the heavy stepper motor off in a fixed position, the hot-end can be moved with less force, generally allowing for faster speeds.

What does the lubricant really do?
Monsterfil filament has a thin layer of lubricant on the filament to allow easy feeding through the tubes and also to help lubricate your extruder. This minimizes the friction between the filament and any surfaces that it touches before entering the nozzle.

Are there any side effects by using the lubricant?
No, the amount of lubricant used is so low that it does not affect layer adhesion, does not accumulate along the passage of the filament or any other adverse effect on your printed part.

Will there be more colors available?
Yes, more colors will be available soon. Please enquire for custom colors.

Where is the plastic manufactured?
The base PLA and flexible additive compound comes from USA. The master batch color additive and oil are sourced in Europe.

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