RoboSavvys TUGBOT - Autonomous Mobile Robot

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The latest addition to RoboSavvy’s AMR line

Improve facility safety

You can achieve a safer work environment by letting the robots do the dangerous, tedious and labour-intensive tasks. They come equipped with safety features including an emergency stop switch and laser obstacle detection.

Powered by MOV.AI

Our AGVs can be powered by MOV.AI, an automation software framework. The intuitive user interface gives the user the ability to easily create maps, sketch work areas and define paths. Work plans can be created within minutes and can be reconfigured whenever necessary.

No infrastructure changes & reduced labour costs

Localization & navigation are necessary for the robots to know where they are. The AMRs use a combination of cameras, lasers, sensors, environment matching marks, beacons, and GPS to achieve the necessary results without having to change facility infrastructure.

RoboSavvy AMRs reduce non value-added labour costs allowing workers to be reassigned to higher-value activities.



Long Hauls, Cross-Docking, Putaway, End-of-line, Replenishment, Staging/Sortation, Pick Assistance, Parts-to-line and more

Seek and Fetch Navigation Behavior

The TUGBOT navigates within a defined route or work area searching for a payload. When it is identified, the TUGBOT AMR will hook onto a wheeled cart or pallet and transport it to a defined location.

Obstacle Avoidance

TUGBOT automatically detects obstacles and either stops securely or can be configured to reroute around the obstacle. This allows TUGBOT to work within dynamic environments.

Autonomous charging & Fleet management

TUGBOT autonomously navigates and docks into the charging station. A fleet of TUGBOTs can collaborate to perform complex missions. They can interact with external IT systems and legacy machines.

Path planning

TUGBOT can follow a path on a map or memorize and repeat a path. It can follow a person or another TUGBOT.

Tow Hook

The TUGBOT AMR is equipped with a tow hook and it can pull a payload of up to 250 kg



  • Localization options
    • LIDAR
    • 3D vision
    • Infrared depth camera (indoor artificial light condition)
    • GPS (outdoors)
    • Visual Markers and Camera
    • Ultrasonic beacons / laser lighthouse / wifi beacon
  • Mapping / Path Definition
    • Automatic Mapping – walk through or remote control
    • Follow-me path planning
    • Sketch work areas on the map
    • Path sketching
    • Geofencing
  • Behaviors
    • Follow object or person
    • Seeking
    • Seek and Fetch
    • Battery charging behavior
    • Obstacle behavior
    • Intersection behavior
  • Safety
    • Emergency stop switch
    • Obstacle detection 360°
    • Warning light (revolving orange light)
    • Sound Warnings
    • RGB Status LEDs
  • Control
    • Any tablet web browser (HTML5 interface)
    • Remote control device
    • Voice
    • Glove
    • AR Glasses
  • Communication
    • Bluetooth
    • WiFi
    • Ethernet
    • USB 2.0 x 2

Product DetailsCollaborative autonomous mobile platform 2 motorized + 2 castor wheels for low mounted payloads Pulls any wheeled payload
DimensionsSize: 741 × 640 × 463 mm [LxWxH]
Max Pull Force250Kg
Max Speed5m/s
Max Incline 5‎°
Operation EnvironmentIndoor & Outdoor
Attachments Mechanical tow hook for moving external loads
Battery55V/450Wh Li-Ion
Battery Life6 Hours
Battery ChargingDocking Station
Charing Time50% 1 hr, 100% 2.5 hrs
On board PCMini-itx motherboard with Intel core i5 3.0GHz, 8Gb DDR3 RAM, 120Gb SSD HD
Sensots & Cameras1x Front Lidar – hokuyo UAM-05LP-T301 – Safety compliant, ISO13849-1, IEC61496-1/3, 1x Rear Lidar – hokuyo urg-04lx, 1x RGBd camera (front), 1x RGB camera (rear)

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