AgileX - Scout Mini R&D Kit

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AgileX - Scout Mini R&D Kit
AgileX - Scout Mini R&D Kit

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£7,075.90 £5,896.58



    A fully integrated solution for robotics research and development with our Scout Mini platform. Equipped with a full suite of sensors to support indoor SLAM, Navigation and Vision based applications. A powerful NVIDIA Jetson Nano computer comes pre-installed with Linux and ROS Ubuntu 18.4. Scout Mini Development kit accelerates robotics applications and research by eliminating the need to design, manufacture and Integrate a complex robotic system.


    What's Included


    Research & Development Kit

    Research & Development Kit - Pro

    Nvidia Jetson Nano

    • ARM A57 @ 1.43 GHz CPU
    • 128 Maxwell GPU
    • 4GB 64 LPDDR4 25.6GB/s
    • HDMI/DP, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 Micro-B

    Nvidia Xavier

    • ARM v8.2 64 CPU
    • 512 Tensor Core Volta GPIJ
    • 32 GB 256 LPDDR4x
    • 32 GBeMMC5.1
    • HDMI 2.0sUSB 3.1s RJ45

    EAl-G4 Lidar

    • Rotate 360-degree scan ning distances measurement and 0.26-0.30 angular resolution
    • 5-12Hz scanning frequency and 9000 times/S high-speed ranging 0.1-16m ranging radius
    • magnetic wireless technology and low-loss industrial design

    VLP16 Lidar

    • 3600 horizontal scanning and 0.1-0.40 angular resolution
    • ±150 Vertical scanning and 20 angular resolution
    • 5-20Hz scanning frequency, up to 300,000 point-data/S output and 01-100m ranging radius
    • IP67 protection level and ultra-long service life

    Realsense D435 Stereo depth camera

    • FOV = 86 x 57 degrees
    • Depth Output resolution: 1280 x 720
    • Depth frame rate up to 90 fps
    • Ideal range .3 to 3 meters

    Portable 11.6 inch monitor

    • 480g/8mm ultra-thi
    • 1920*1080P
    • USB Type-C direct connection

    Scout Mini platform

    Scout Mini platform


    Full integration (Hardware / Software / Mounting)


    • Pre-installed with Linux and ROS Ubuntu 18.4

    • Pre-installed hardware drivers allowing all sensors to be controlled by onboard PC.

    • Fully integrated sensor mounting plates. Methodically designed for highest IP rating, and best placement of sensor. Allows for easy access and additional integration of new components.

    • Compatible with Scout Mini, Tracer, SCOUT 2,0 and BUNKER.


    Onboard open source SLAM based mapping

    Development tools include viz, Gazebo and Nomachine. Communication (Ros) nodes are provided for mapping and navigation.


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