Stereolabs - ZED 2 Depth Camera

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Meet ZED 2
From sensors to software, the ZED 2 camera is filled with cutting-edge technology that takes spatial perception to a whole new level.

Neural Depth Sensing
Built-in IMU, Barometer & Magnetometer
120° Wide-Angle Field of View
ZED 2 is the first stereo camera that uses neural networks to reproduce human vision, bringing stereo perception to a new level.
Multi-sensor capture made easy. Gather real-time synchronized inertial, elevation and magnetic field data along image and depth.
With its 16:9 native sensors and ultra sharp 8-element all glass lenses, capture video and depth with up to 120° field of view.
Spatial Object Detection
Improved Positional Tracking
Cloud Connected
Detect objects with spatial context. Combine AI with 3D localization to create next-generation spatial awareness.
Benefit from a wide angle FOV, advanced sensor stack and thermal calibration for a greatly improved positional tracking accuracy.
Monitor and control your camera remotely. Using a dedicated cloud platform, capture and analyze 3D data anywhere in the world.

Built for the Spatial AI era.
Combine 3D sensing with AI to create next-generation spatial intelligence.

Autonomous Robotics

Perception, SLAM, Motion Planning and Spatial AI

Industrial Vision

3-D Measurements, Large-scale 3D Mapping

Autonomous Spaces

Spatial Analytics, Automation, Interactive Experiences

Bringing depth cameras to the next level.
This new stereo camera combines advanced depth sensing with AI, letting you build cutting-edge spatial intelligence and virtually replicate the physical world.

Depth Perception with Neural Engine.


An all-new lightweight neural network for stereo matching brings stereo depth sensing to the next level, with a wide 110° x 70° FOV.

Ultra Wide Field of View with Low Distortion.


Using an 8-element lens with optically corrected distortion and a wider ƒ/1.8 aperture, the ZED 2's field of view extends to 120° and captures 40% more light.

The Most Complete Sensor Stack.


Featuring next-generation IMU, barometer, magnetometer and temperature sensors. Factory calibrated on 6-axis with robotic arms.

All-Aluminium Frame with Thermal Control.


Camera heating induces changes in focal length and motion sensors biases. ZED 2 introduces thermal sensors to monitor temperature and compensate these drifts.

Remote Monitoring and Data Collection.


Use a modern, cloud-based platform to monitor your live video streams, remotely control your cameras, deploy apps and collect data.

Coming soon.

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping

Track the location of your device and map your surroundings on a large scale using SLAM.

Floor Plane Detection

Detect the orientation and height of your floor, letting your application understand how physical space is organized.

Skeleton Tracking

Detect and track human body skeletons in real-time. Model the spatial relationships between people, places and objects.

Dimensions175 x 30 x 33 mm (6.89 x 1.18 x 1.3’’)
Weight124 g (0.35 lb)
MaterialAll-aluminium enclosure with thermal compensation of factory calibration
Video Output
Video ModeFrames per secondOutput Resolution (side by side)
1080p30 / 153840x1080
720p60 / 30 / 152560x720
WVGA100 / 60 / 30 / 151344x376
Video RecordingNative resolution video encoding in H.264, H.265 or lossless format (on host)
Video StreamingStream anywhere over IP using ZED SDK
ISPNew ISP tuned with machine learning for AI and vision tasks
Depth ResolutionNative video resolution (in Ultra mode)
Depth FPSUp to 100Hz
Depth Range0.2 - 20 m (0.65 to 65 ft)
Depth FOV110° (H) x 70° (V) x 120° (D) max.
TechnologyNeural Stereo Depth Sensing
Baseline12 cm (4.72 in)
Motion SensorsAccelerometer | Gyroscope | Data Rate: 400Hz
Pose Update RateUp to 100Hz
Position SensorsBarometer | Magnetometer | Data Rate: 25Hz / 50Hz
Pose DriftTranslation: 0.35% Rotation: 0.005°/m (without loop correction)
Technology6-DoF visual-inertial stereo SLAM with advanced sensor fusion and thermal compensation
Object Detection
Object TypesPersons, Vehicles
Object TrackingYes
Detection OutputsBounding Boxes 2D/3D | Location | Speed | Unique ID | Segmentation Masks
Detection RangeUp to 20m (3D) | Up to 40m (2D)
Skeleton Tracking18x or 34x Body Keypoints | Up to 15m Range
Lens TypeWide-angle 8-element all-glass dual lens with optically corrected distortion
Field of View110°(H) x 70°(V) x 120°(D)max.
Image Sensors
Sensor ResolutionDual 4M pixels sensors with 2-micron pixels
Sensor FormatNative 16:9 format for a greater horizontal field of view
Sensor Size1/3” backside illumination sensors with high low-light sensitivity
Shutter SyncElectronic Synchronized Rolling Shutter
Camera ControlsAdjust Resolution, Frame rate, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Gamma, Sharpness, Exposure and White Balance
Temperature sensor
ConnectorUSB 3.0 port with 1.2m integrated cable
Mounting Options1/4"-20 UNC thread mount | 2x M3 threads (bottom)
PowerPower via USB 5V / 380mA
Operating Temperature-10°C to +50°C (14°F to 122°F)

SDK System Requirements

Dual-core 2.3GHz or faster processor

4 GB RAM or more

Nvidia GPU with compute capability > 3.0

Compatible OS

Windows 10, 8, 7

Ubuntu 20, 18, 16

Debian, CentOS (via Docker)

Jetson L4T

In the Box

ZED 2 Stereo camera

Mini Tripod stand



2-year hardware warranty for all ZED 2 cameras

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