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A New Standard in Electronics Education

The best way to learn how a circuit works is to build one.

There’s a difference between understanding what a capacitor is and seeing what it does. A theoretical foundation is important, and the current education system is good at making sure every student has one. Unfortunately, prototyping custom circuits from scratch has been too expensive and time consuming for use in the classroom.

Until now.

Students need a tool that lets them complete electronics projects in under an hour in a way that is hands-on, simple to understand, and that sparks a lifelong love for technology. The reward for solving these problems will be a generation of students enthusiastic about bringing their school projects home, and parents who marvel at their children’s technological creations.


All-in-one circuit design

Print conductive traces, drill through-holes, dispense solder paste and reflow components on your desktop. The V-One is a PCB factory the size of a laptop.

Easy experience

Using the V-One is a breeze. From simple software with inapp video instructions to magnetic attachments, it’s as easy to use as an iPad app.

Dev Kit Friendly

The Voltera V-One is designed to work with open source platforms like Arduino, Particle and Raspberry Pi. Go from idea to working prototype in one lesson.


The Voltera V-One brings quick turn PCBs to your desktop. Import your Gerber file into the Voltera software, press print, and the V-One will bring your board to life. Use the solder paste dispensing and reflow features to mount components onto your printed board, or mount components on a prefabricated board with ease.

The V-One includes all the accessories and consumables you need to get started.

If you require a V-One without a Drill attachment or vice versa, please contact our sales team.



Minimum Trace Width0.2mm8mil
Minimum Passive Size10050402
Minimum Pin-to-Pin Pitch0.65mm26mil
Resistivity12mΩ/Sq @ 70um Height12mΩ/Sq @ 3mil Height
Supplied Substrate MaterialFR4 
Maximum Board Thickness3mm0.125"


Spindle Speed (Max.)13,000 RPM 
Power12V, 25W 
Runout (TIR)0.076mm0.003"
Shank Diameter3.175mm1/8"
Supplied Substrate MaterialFR1 
Bit Diameter (Max.)2mm0.078"
Bit Length (Max.)38.1mm1.5"


Minimum Passive Size10050402
Minimum Pin-to-Pin Pitch0.5mm20mil
Solder Paste AlloySn42/Bi57.6/Ag0.4Sn42/Bi57.6/Ag0.4
Solder Wire AlloySnBiAg1SnBiAg1
Soldering Iron Temperature180-200°C355-390°F

Solder Compatibility

 Sn42/Bi57.6/Ag0.4 SolderSn63/Pb37 Solder
Standard Ink
Flexible Ink
Copper PCBs

Footprint and Print Bed

Dimensions (L × W × H)390mm × 257mm × 207mm15.4" × 10.1" × 8.2"
Print Area128mm × 116mm5" × 4.5"
Max. Heated Bed Temperature240°C464°F

Software Requirements

Operating SystemsWindows 7, 8, 10 (64bit), OSX 10.11+
Compatible File FormatGerber
Connection TypeWired USB 2.0

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In the box:



  • 1 Conductor 2 cartridge
  • 1 Solder Paste cartridge
  • 10 2"x3" FR4 substrates
  • 6 3"x4" FR4 substrates
  • 10 2"x3" FR1 substrates
  • 6 3"x4" FR1 substrates
  • 25 disposable 230 micron nozzles
  • 1 burnishing pad
  • 1 solder wire spool
  • 1 drill bit set
  • 200 0.4mm rivets
  • 200 1.0mm rivets
  • 2 rivet tools
  • 1 sacrificial layer
  • 1 Hello World starter kit
  • 1 Punk Console starter kit


  • 2 substrate clamps and thumbscrews
  • 2 dispensers with caps
  • 1 probe
  • 1 drill
  • 1 set of safety glasses
  • 1 Voltera anti-static tweezers
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