1/4" Bit Set for V Carving

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1/4" Bit Set for V Carving
1/4" Bit Set for V Carving

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£39.19 £32.66


    1/4" Bit Set for V Carving

    Product Description


    This pack contains two ¼" shank v-bits made from solid carbide. One bit has a 60° tip, and the other has a 90° tip.

    V-bits are great for carving very intricate, detailed designs. When used in conjunction with v-carving software, they add depth and dimension that can’t be achieved with a flat bit.

    Our v-bits have an angle tolerance of +/- 1°. They do not have a flat tip tolerance. Shank diameter = 1/4 in

    90° V-Bit, Cutting Length 0.36", Overall Length 1.8"Qty 1
    60° V-Bit, Cutting Length 0.50", Overall Length 2.1"Qty 1
    Best for cuttingPlastics and woods
    Angle tolerance +/- 1°

    What is V-Carving?

    V-carving is the action of carving with a v-shaped bit to generate designs with a varied width. The unique shape of v-bits create carves that are narrow at the deepest part of the carve (created by the tip of the bit) and wider at the top of the material.

    This photo illustrates some of the differences between using a straight-cut bit and a v-bit. The images on the left were carved in Easel using a 1/16" flat bit. The images on the right were carved in Easel Pro using a 90-degree v-bit. Notice the varying depths and intricate details carved by the v-bit that the 1/16" bit cannot achieve due to the width of the bit.

    How does it work?

    It’s important to note that true v-carving requires more than just putting a v-bit into a 3D carving machine and carving a 2D design. V-carving requires toolpaths that move all three axes (X, Y, and Z) at the same time. Standard 2D carving only moves the X and Y axes at the same time, with the Z-axis raising and lowering at the start or finish of a tool path.

    In order to achieve a true v-carving effect, the bit must gradually rise up as it exits a toolpath, meaning that the Z-axis is moving in sync with the X and Y axis. This movement creates a tapered look entirely unique to v-carving.

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