Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to your use of the content and services provided by RoboSavvy Ltd through our Online Shop, Services or Projects, as well as any other website operated and/or controlled by RoboSavvy Ltd are subject to these Terms and Conditions.

We reserve the right to change these terms from time to time, at our sole discretion. In case of a Commercial Transaction (purchase or other) the version of the document that applies, is the version effective at the time the Transaction is completed. You can download a copy of the current Terms & Conditions here.

Using our website, store or services will mean that you explicitly accept these terms.



1. Ordering

Customers may order items directly from our online Store available at http://robosavvy.com/store or by requesting a Quotation in writing, via email or fax (see Contact information below).
When ordering, the Customer must ensure the accuracy of all details provided: Shipping Address, Billing Address, Contact Details and List of Ordered Items.

Once an Order is placed with RoboSavvy Ltd, the Customer will receive an email with the Order Details and is required to retain an easily accessible copy of the Order Confirmation. This email should be used for all correspondence regarding Order Status and any Support request.


2. Payment

All Products and Services purchased from RoboSavvy Ltd can be paid with Paypal, Credit or Debit Card, Google Checkout, Moneybookers, Bank Wire Transfer or Cheque.

Customers may select the method of Payment during the Online Checkout process or by contacting our Office for Payments that require our assistance (such as Credit Card over the Phone). We are also available to answer any questions Customers may have during the Order Process and Payment procedures.


2.1. Currencies

The base currency of our store is GBP although Customers may also pay in USD or EUR depending on the Payment Method chosen or upon request. Not all currencies are available for all the payment methods. Please refer to 2.2 for further details.

Exchange rates for USD and EUR are regularly updated. Customers may consult up-to-date prices in foreign currencies by visiting our Online Store or by contacting us.


2.2 Payment Methods and Currencies

For our Customer’s convenience, RoboSavvy Ltd accepts a wide range of Payment methods and currencies:

  • For payments with Credit or Debit Card (processed by Wirecard) or Payment over the Phone, your Card will be charged in GBP or EUR according to the currency that is set in the Shopping Cart. Customers shopping in other currencies will be charged by default in GBP when paying via Wirecard.
  • For Payments with PayPal, Google Checkout, Moneybookers, orders will be charged in GBP.
  • For payments with Bank Wire Transfer, payments can be made in GBP, EUR or USD. Transfers will be completed to one of the following banks, depending on the currency in which you to choose to pay.
    • Bank Transfers in GBP must be made to our account in NatWest (UK).
    • Bank Transfers in EUR and USD must be made to our account in ING (Belgium).
    Depending on the currency chosen, the appropriate Bank Details will be listed on your Invoice and in the Order Confirmation email.
    All Bank Transfer Fees should be supported by the Sender (the Customer).
  • We also accept payment by Cheque in GBP to our NatWest Account.


2.3 Payment Terms

2.3.1 Default Terms:

The default payment terms for all purchases is T/T in Advance.
The Customer's Account or Card may be charged at the time of the purchase, before the items are shipped. Should any item be out of stock the Customer will be notified and is entitled to a Partial or Full Refund under the terms in point 4.

As a general rule RoboSavvy Ltd will not ship any items before payment is confirmed and received in full in our Account.

2.3.2 Companies and Universities:

For Companies and Universities that supply Official Purchase Orders, signed and stamped by their Finance Department, RoboSavvy Ltd may offer other Payment Terms (such as Net30 with Credit Limit, or 50% in Advance and 50% after Delivery).

Should the Customer require any of these Payment terms, please contact RoboSavvy Ltd to establish your Payment terms and submit your Purchase Order. RoboSavvy Ltd reserves the right to decline requests for Payment Terms other than the Default.


2.4 Payment Validation

For security reasons and depending on the payment method and total amount of the Purchase, RoboSavvy Ltd reserves the right to request proof of ID, Postal Address or any other method that RoboSavvy Ltd may find it appropriate to validate the authenticity of the order and the Identity of the Customer and Postal Address.

The Customer has the right to decline to provide this information. In this case RoboSavvy will offer alternative methods of Payment/Verification, such as re-submitting payment using a Debit/Credit card with 3D Secure Validation or paying with Bank Wire Transfer. RoboSavvy Ltd will reserve the items for the customer while the Order is being validated.

The Customer has the right to Cancel the order at any time before the goods have shipped, in exchange for a full refund under the terms in point 4.


2.5 Bitcoin payment terms

Orders paid with bitcoins will be shipped as soon as the bitcoin transaction is confirmed by the network.

In accordance with BitPay's T&C, any bitcoin refunds are processed based on the order amount in GBP minus a 5% fee.

Here's an example. For a 500 GBP order we would refund the BTC equivalent of 475 GBP (500 - 5%) at the time the refund is issued. This means that you may receive a different amount of refunded bitcoins than what you initially paid.


2.6 Late Payment fees

In accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998, as amended and supplemented by the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2002 (EC Directive), we reserve the right charge interest at 8% above the late payment period reference interest rate based on the relevant Bank of England base rate on all amounts outstanding for more than 30 days (the Credit Period) from the Tax Date indicated on the invoice; and further to make a statutory compensatory charge on late payments, as follows: for amounts below £1,000 a charge of £40; for amounts between £1,000 and £10,000 a charge of £70; and for amounts above £10,000 a charge of £100. Such charges may be applied and added to the debt. Details of these charges can be found at the DTI's website


3. Shipping

All RoboSavvy Ltd Inventory is kept in our UK warehouse. Items ship from our warehouse directly to customers under Incoterms CPT or DAP (depending on whether you select an Uninsured or Insured Shipping Method; please see 3.2 and 3.4 below for explanation).

Orders received on before 12:00pm are usually dispatched on the same business. Orders received after 12:00pm will ship the next business day. Delivery times will vary depending on the Shipping method chosen and the parcel's destination.

In the event that an item is out of stock, RoboSavvy Ltd will notify the customer of the expected lead time.
Under special circumstances (such as items only available on Special Orders or items that have longer lead times), it may be possible to send the items directly from the manufacturer to the customer. In this case the customer is offered the choice to receive the items directly from the manufacturer (a faster delivery option) or to wait until stock arrives at our UK warehouse to be dispatched from there.


3.1. Definition of "Shipping"

"Shipping" is a service provided by an external company (designated "Courier") hired by RoboSavvy Ltd on behalf of the customer.
RoboSavvy Ltd commits to carefully pack all the items before Shipping and Dispatching customer’s parcels using the Shipping Method and Level of Service chosen by the Customer at the time of Checkout for Online Orders, or as listed on the Invoice for orders placed via Fax or Email.


3.2. Shipping Insurance

When placing an Order the Customer is offered different shipping methods with various levels of service.
Different shipping options may be offered and are calculated based on the Service Level, Insurance, Weight and Size of the parcel.

3.2.1 Un Insured Shipping

For small value items we offer the option of shipping Fully Insured or Uninsured. Uninsured shipping is less expensive but does not offer Tracking or Compensation in case of a Parcel loss.

If the Customer declines Insurance by choosing an Uninsured Shipping method, the Customer is responsible for any loss or damage that may occur during shipping.

3.2.2 Insured Shipping

Fully Insured Shipping is available for all orders and items (at Customer's choice). For higher value orders we will only offer Fully Insured Shipping methods.

Fully Insured Shipping methods provide a Tracking Number with End-to-End Tracking. For Insured Shipping we typically use Parcelforce (which may be handled by UPS or equivalent service for shipments outside the UK). The Tracking number is automatically sent to the Email address provided by the Customer when the items are shipped.


3.3 Shipping Directly from the Manufacturer

Customers with addresses outside UK may be offered the option to receive products directly from the Manufacturer, in case they are out of stock or only available on backorder.
This offers shorter lead times and is typically available for Kondo/IXS items from Japan but may be exceptionally available for other Manufacturers.

We do not collect any VAT or other Tax from Customers outside UK. When this option is offered by RoboSavvy Ltd, the Customers must confirm if they want to receive directly from the Manufacturer or if they prefer to wait and receive the items from our UK warehouse when they become available.


3.4 Unforeseen Delays and Customs Procedures on Arrival at the Destination Country

As per 3.1 "Shipping" is a service provided by an external company (designated "Courier") hired by RoboSavvy Ltd on behalf of the customer.
Therefore any unforeseen delays after delivery of the parcel to the Courier are beyond the reach and responsibility of RoboSavvy Ltd. Should the customer experience an unexpected delay, please contact the Courier if you have the Tracking number to obtain clarification. You may also contact RoboSavvy Ltd which will initiate its best efforts for the successful delivery of the goods.

Shipments to countries outside UK may experience additional delays when passing through the Customs Office in the Customer’s destination country. The Customs procedures, timeframes and possible Costs are dependent on the Customer’s Local Laws and Regulations.

  • All customs charges upon arrival at the Destination Country are the responsibility of the Buyer.
  • If your order is time sensitive we recommend that you check with your local Customs Office about possible delays for incoming shipments.

If required by the Customer, RoboSavvy Ltd will provide all necessary Invoicing Documentation, Proof of Postage and Tracking information (when available per 3.3) aiming for the successful delivery of the Parcel to the Customer.


3.5 Insurance Claims

In the unlikely event that a Parcel is effectively lost AND if the customer chose to ship with Insured Shipping at the time of Purchase (according to 3.3), the Customer should contact RoboSavvy Ltd to file an Insurance Claim and receive compensation.

RoboSavvy will immediately initiate all necessary diligences to receive compensation for the lost items, following all the Courier's procedures and Timeframes for Insurance Claims.
Upon following the Courier's procedures for a Claim and after successful completion of the Claim, the Customer will be offered the option to receive compensation in the form of refund or re-shipment of the items.


3.6 Shipping with Other Couriers, Levels of Service or Using the Customer's Shipping Account

Upon request we may ship items to Customers using the Customer's Shipping Account. In this case RoboSavvy Ltd will charge a £12 processing fee (exc. VAT) per Order.

We also offer the possibility of shipping with different Couriers or Special levels of Service upon Customer’s request, please contact us to obtain a Quotation and Delivery timeframe.


3.7 Free UK Shipping

Orders over £600 (excluding VAT), shipping to addresses in the mainland UK, qualify for Free UK Shipping.

Free shipping only applies to pre-payment orders. Any order with Net-30 or any other payment conditions do not qualify for Free Shipping.

Any changes in shipping, including address alterations, and partial shipment may be subject to service fees or other costs. 


4. Cancellation Policy

According to UK Distance Selling Regulations customers have the right to Cancel their Order within 14 days of receiving the goods. The customer is entitled to a Full Refund after returning the items in their original condition. If the conditions listed below are met.

All Return Costs are the responsibility of the Customer (Buyer).

Customers must send their Cancellation Requests in written form, fax or email. Please contact us to clarify any questions before requesting a Cancellation.


4.1 Cancellation of Orders before Shipping

Customers are entitled to a Full Refund and Cancellation of their order before items are shipped.


4.2 Returns of Delivered Goods


Unless otherwise stated, under the UK Distance Selling Regulations RoboSavvy Ltd accepts the return of purchased items within 14 days after delivery in exchange for a Full Refund.

All returned merchandise must be in its original mint and clean condition. Returns on damaged, scratched, programmed, burnt, or otherwise 'played with' merchandise will not be accepted.

With your return, enclose this original receipt or a copy of it. Also include a brief letter of explanation of why the merchandise is being returned and state your request for either a refund or an exchange.

If the returned items have missing parts, damaged parts or are otherwise not in their original condition RoboSavvy Ltd will deduct the costs of repair or refurbishment from the refunded amount.

A Full Refund will be issued within 30 days after the items are received once the item’s condition is confirmed by our services.

The customer is responsible for any return costs and for making all the arrangements for the safe return of the goods to RoboSavvy Ltd.


In the case of items that are not in mint and clean condition, marked as non-returnable, custom assembled parts, consulting projects and services or products ordered on special request of the customer (which are not part of RoboSavvy Ltd regular stock), RoboSavvy Ltd reserves the right to deny returns after shipping.

In these circumstances, and in case RoboSavvy Ltd agrees to the return, RoboSavvy will charge a restock fee of no less than 20% and no more than 80% of the total value of the item.


After the initial 14 days return period, any manufacturing defects will be addressed under the product's Warranty terms or Conditions.
RoboSavvy Ltd will not accept the Cancellation of orders after the 14 days return period.


4.3 Returns of Damaged Items

If in the first two weeks after delivery you experience any problems with the items received or in the unlikely event that any parts are missing or damaged, you may return the goods and receive a full refund.

After this two weeks initial period, and if the item is within the Warranty period, any damage or malfunction on delivered items will be addressed according to the products Warranty Policy. Please see our Warranty Policy below for more information.


4.4 Cancellation due to Insufficient Stock

RoboSavvy Ltd makes its best effort to update stock availability through its online store. In the event that a Customer places an order for item(s) that is(are) out of stock or if there’s insufficient stock to completely fulfil a customer’s order, RoboSavvy Ltd will inform the customer and provide an estimated lead time.

The customer may choose to wait for the out of stock items (which would be placed on Backorder) or alternatively receive a partial Refund for the cost of the items out of stock.
In all cases, the customer is also entitled to a full Refund in the terms mentioned in 4.1.


4.5 Return Approval and Shipping Address Requirement

Before shipping any returns, customers are required to obtain approval from us. This can be done by contacting our customer service team via email or phone. Additionally, customers must email us to receive the shipping address for returns.



5. Warranty and Technical Support

All products sold by RoboSavvy Ltd are new and include a Warranty against manufacturing defects for a limited period of time. Only very rarely does an item not function at first use. If this happens we will do our very best to replace as long as the below conditions for return are met.

Please check your order as soon as you receive it.Any goods to be replaced must be returned within 14 days.

During the Warranty Period any damage or malfunction on delivered items will be addressed by our Technical Support team who will provide replacement or repair of any damaged parts or subparts covered by the product's Warranty.

Unless otherwise stated, the Warranty excludes on-site servicing and fine tuning of products.


5.1 Technical Support

5.1.1 Phone and email Support

Robosavvy provides one hour phone and email support for every order, this support includes help for you to start using your products and extra links or directions where to find more information how to use it. For malfunction items warranty policy below applies.

5.1.2 Onsite Support

When phone and email support do not solve your issue or you want to have someone to teach you how to use your product Robosavvy may suggest a physical inspection of the goods either on customers premises or on Robosavvy office. If any issue is found with the product warranty policy below applies otherwise Robosavvy will charge a fee of £50 + VAT per hour (including travel time) spent on your case plus travel expenses to and from customers premises.


5.2 Warranty Policy

5.2.1 How to Reclaim your Warranty

In case the Customer encounters any problem with a product, he should immediately stop using it and contact RoboSavvy Support through the email support@robosavvy.com or by phone at +44 (0) 207 183 7505.
The Customer should provide the Order Number, Serial number (when available) and a description of the problem.

Our support team will guide the Customer through a series of Troubleshooting steps in order to diagnose the issue and send any appropriate replacement parts free of charge.

For products where the Warranty terms explicitly includes Off-site servicing, items must be returned to RoboSavvy Ltd Technical Services for repair. In all circumstances the Customer should notify the Robosavvy Ltd Support team before the return.

5.2.2 Shipping and Returns for Off Site Servicing

For products where the Warranty terms explicitly include Off Site servicing, the customer is responsible for the costs of sending the item to RoboSavvy Ltd or the Manufacturer. RoboSavvy Ltd will support return costs after the repair (within the UK).

5.2.3 Warranty Exclusions

Each product's Warranty has specific exclusions which include, but are not limited to, intentional damage, damage resulting from user negligence and damage resulting from operating the product in manners and environments other than the ones specified in the Product's Manual and Specifications.
As an example broken gears, burnt MOSFETs, damages for excess voltage or reverse polarity are not covered by Warranty: These damages result from exceeding the products specification or not following the product's instructions at any given point in time.

Please test all your products within the first 14 days upon delivery. Due to the nature of the products we deal with (prototyping electronic tools) we will not accept claims of non working products after this period. This includes all consumables like Batteries, End Mills, 3D Printing Filament and others.

Other exclusions may apply depending on the product and the manufacturer. Please contact us if you'd like to obtain complete Warranty information for a specific product.


6. Prices and Discounts


6.1 Price Match Guarantee Policy

At RoboSavvy Ltd we always endeavour to offer our customers the best products at the best value for money.
On selected products Customers will find the Price match Guarantee Symbol. This means that if you find the same product cheaper elsewhere in Europe (including shipping costs and other fees), please let us know and we will do our best effort match that price. 

The Price Match Guarantee program is offered to Customers before placing their Order.


6.2 Discounts, Special Prices, Sales and Promotions

Reduced prices only apply to products in stock. If you want to buy more than the available stock quantity this may be subject to non discounted prices.

Discounts are only valid for orders paid on checkout. Items with reduced prices will not be shipped before payment confirmation.

Please note that stock level is not updated in real time, call us to confirm availability.


6.3 Discount codes

Discount codes have a time frame and may be restricted to geographical area, payment method or total amount in your cart. If your discount code does not work please contact us.


6.4 Quoted prices

Robosavvy Ltd official quotes are valid for 14 days from the quote date. After that period Robosavvy Ltd reserves the right to update the prices.


7. Taxation (VAT and other Taxes)


7.1 VAT

  • Any Private or Business Customers purchasing from a country outside UK will not be charged VAT.
  • All Private or Business Customers purchasing within the UK will be charged VAT.


7.2 Customs Duties and Taxes at the Destination Country

  • Since January 1st 2021, and due to what is known by Brexit, shipments from our UK warehouse to any EU country will not be charged VAT and this needs to be paid when entering the destination country.
  • For all Countries other than UK, your order may be subject to Customs charges or Duties. These charges are the responsibility of the Customer (buyer).

7.2.1 Customers in the UK

For customers in the UK, no other Customs fees or Taxes will be charged to the Customer other than what Robosavvy charges directly.

7.2.2 Customers in the USA

No import duty is applicable for electronics coming from UK or Japan under the free-trade agreements.

7.2.3. Customers in Other Countries, including EU

RoboSavvy will not charge VAT or other Taxes at the time of purchase for customers with Shipping and Billing Addresses outside the UK.

However many countries apply additional Import Duties, Customs and/or VAT to imported goods.
These taxes are dependent on each country's local laws and regulations. It is the Customer's responsibility to check with their local Customs Office about possible charges. The customer is also responsible for all charges that may be applied to your order upon arrival at the Customer's destination country.


8. About RoboSavvy Ltd

RoboSavvy Ltd. is a UK based company since 2004, Company Registration Number 5239169 and VAT Registration Number GB893592961.

We are a company primarily dedicated to the distribution and development of Advanced Robotics, 3D Printing, CNC and Electronics. We also offer Consulting and Training services in these areas.


9. Contact

You may contact RoboSavvy by Email, Phone or Fax, Monday to Friday from 9h00am to 6h00pm

37 Broadhurst Gardens


Email: sales@robosavvy.com
Telephone: +44 (0) 207 183 7505

Hours: Monday thru Friday, 9:00am - 6:00pm

Queries are normally answered on the same day, but can take up to 2 working days.

Last Revision: OCT 13th 2021