X-Controller Kit

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The X-Controller is a high power 3D carving motion controller kit that has everything, including power supply, integrated into a single chassis. This has about 3-4 times more usable motor power than entry-level controllers like the gShield. All connections are done with large, removable terminal blocks. Machine wiring is very clean. No soldering or crimping is required.

Note: While the X-Controller has separate drivers for 4 stepper motors, the X-Controller is not 4-Axis because it is runs Grbl only. Grbl is only a 3 axis controller.


  • Built in Grbl 3D carving controller. No external controller like Mach 3/4 is required.
  • 3 axis design
  • (4) 4A stepper drivers (Y axis has 2 ganged drivers for X-Carve-type machines)
  • Microstepping (Full through 1/16th)
  • Easy current adjustment via large, well-marked potentiometers
  • Automatic idle current reduction independent for each axis
  • Internal 24V 400W power supply for stepper motors
  • Large internal heatsink and integrated cooling fan keeps system cool at all power loads
  • Spindle speed control (0-5VDC PWM or 0-10V)
  • Noise-filtered inputs for 3 axis home/limit switches
  • Noise-filtered input for Z probe/touch plate
  • 2 digital outputs to control external items like vacuums and coolant systems
  • All inputs and outputs have their own ground terminals for clean and easy wiring.
  • Labeled connections
  • Rugged latching E-Stop that kills all power
  • Feedhold, Cycle Start and Reset (Motion Cancel) buttons on front side
  • All electrical interfaces use large, detachable terminal blocks
  • USB connection
  • Heavy aluminum chassis with mounting holes

Operating Environment:

  • Temperature: 0-40C
  • Humidity: 0-90% (non-condensing)

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