KUBO - Coding Math TagTile® Set

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Extra TagTiles®?


The KUBO Coding Math pack has a new unique set of TagTiles® that combines coding while focusing on math, giving teachers a great way to cover multiple learning objectives in one go. This add-on pack contains 50 new TagTiles including numbers, operators and playful Game TagTiles. On top, it offers 300+ Task Cards and three challenge maps addressing counting, cardinality, operations, algebraic thinking, numbers and operations.


PLEASE NOTE: To use these tiles you will need a KUBO Coding single set or 4-pack solution.



What's in the box?


  • 3x Number One TagTiles
  • 3x Number Two TagTiles
  • 3x Number Three TagTiles
  • 3x Number Four TagTiles
  • 3x Number Five TagTiles
  • 3x Number Six TagTiles
  • 3x Number Seven TagTiles
  • 3x Number Eight TagTiles
  • 3x Number Nine TagTiles
  • 6x Number Zero TagTiles
  • 2x Equals Operator TagTiles
  • 2x Subtraction Operator TagTiles
  • 3x Addition Operator TagTiles
  • 1x Division Operator TagTiles
  • 1x Multiplication Operator TagTiles
  • 1x Smaller Than Operator TagTiles
  • 1x Greater Than Operator TagTiles
  • 1x Blue Game TagTile
  • 1x Yellow Game TagTile
  • 1x Green Game TagTile
  • 1x Pink Game TagTile
  • 1x Red Game TagTile
  • 1x Game Activator TagTile


Digital Solution

With KUBOs Digital Solution, students will experience a personalized learning journey at their own pace from any place and any time that fits the students’ needs. Get your students up and running with this digital coding solution covering all coding related curriculum requirements for Primary School already today.


Through a combination of our existing hands-on and digital coding solutions, we introduce the best way to ensure inclusion, increased learning outcomes, and better student insights for coding education in Key Stages 1 and 2. A blended learning solution combining the best from our existing hands-on coding solution with the opportunity to engage children at home using the brand new simulation tool KUBO Play. Click here to view your plans.


KUBO's Online Universe



With our KUBO School Portal, the aim is to engage children in school or at home. You can, with ease, hand out homework assignments and also follow-up with new insights allowing teachers to adapt in-classroom teaching to the students’ competence levels.




Choose a theme, design your tasks, save, download and share! KUBO Map Maker lets you design your own coding challenges using a blank map that you can illustrate and download. Take a look at the maps that have already been created by other educators and add your ideas too!

Click here to view your lesson plans, and other useful resources in the KUBO Portal.



Engage children in school or at home using the brand new simulation tool KUBO Play for students. KUBO Play consists of more than 100 tasks covering all ISTE coding related curriculum requirements for Primary School using our unique TagTile® programming language known from our hands-on solution. Click here to view more.

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