Makeblock - Codey Rocky (Education Version)

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The Coding Companion for Primary Education!

Codey Rocky is a coding robot for STEAM education. It provides an entertainment learning experience of programming for children of ages 6+.

The combination of easy-to-use robotics hardware with block-based programming software mBlock 5, guarantees that beginners can get started coding within minutes. With just one click you can turn your visual code into Python code and continue learning an advanced and practical language. Built in Wi-Fi allows Codey Rocky to connect to the internet to send and receive data. Allowing you to create IoT devices such as a weather report device.

mBlock 5 supports AI-functionality and Internet of Things-functionality, giving children access to AI and IoT since young and thus equipping them with stronger competence in an age of intelligence.

Codey is the controller with different sensors and a programmable main control. It can be used alone mainly for teaching tasks. Moreover, it can work with the chassis Rocky to perform more tasks.

Codey is the controller with different sensors and a programmable main control. It can be used alone mainly for teaching tasks. Moreover, it can work with the chassis Rocky to perform more tasks.

Rocky is the chassis and can work only by matching with Codey. With Rocky, it can avoid obstacles, recognize colours, follow lines and etc.


Designed for Early Learners

Quick setup

Seamlessly connecting Codey and Rocky ensures a swift setup, empowering children to dive right into coding with undivided focus.

Kid-friendly coding

Experience the thrill of coding as students effortlessly control robots using a block-based programming interface. Simply drag and drop coding blocks to make the robots move with ease, fostering a genuine passion for coding.

Collaborative learning

Embrace the coding challenge as you join work together using Codey Rocky alone or transform it with LEGO bricks. In these engaging classes, creative ideas build upon one another, fostering a collaborative spirit of innovation!

Cross-curricular integration

Integrate Codey Rocky into various subjects beyond STEM, such as crafting, language, arts, or game design.

Emotional engagement

The LED matrix screen enables Codey Rocky to express 40+ emotions, making learning more immersive and enjoyable.

Rich educational resources

We provide detailed educational resources like lessons, tutorials and fun projects to take the class to the next level.

The Tools for Your Class

Makeblock Remote Control App

Warm up your class by operating robot projects

Makeblock Remote Control App

Drawing robot walking paths to engage children's attention

mBlock Coding Platform

Teach students from block-based coding to Python programming

The Tools for Your Class

Easy start activities

Get kids hooked at first sight by drawing DIY Codeyrocky emojis.

Creative teaching

Engage students with a wealth of creative activities.

Educational activities

Unlimited enrichment through coding teaching such as math themes.

Challenging practice

Apply what students have learned to tackle advanced challenges and enjoy success.


Hot on the heels of Scratch3.01, mBlock features many powerful functions and promises truckload of experience; programming is as simple as assembling building blocks – anyone who reads can learn to programme. We also structure the learning process in a series of games of different levels, making programming full of fun while children progress through these games. Click here to download mBlock or here to start coding immediately with web version.

Coding Projects

View and create the newest educational projects set up to enhance children’s critical thinking and coding knowledge. Click here to view the latest coding projects.

Professional Development & Educator Resources

Makeblock is now launching an annual education program, Makeblock STEAM On Board program, to help educators all over the world open the door to STEAM education and Computer Science with our top-notch hardware and software solutions. Click here to view more on Professional Development.

Makeblock Certification Program empowers educators in effective use and implementation of technology tools in classroom settings. Click here to view your resources.

What's in the box?

  • 1 × Codey
  • 1 × Rocky
  • 1 × Lanyard
  • 1 × Name Sticker
  • 1 × Micro USB data cable
  • 8 × Codey Rocky Colour Card
  • 1 × USB Dongle
  • 1 ×Quick Start Guide_EN
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