Makerbot Tough Filament Onyx Black

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Similar Tensile, Impact, and Flexural Strength to ABS
Made with designers and engineers in mind, the Onyx Black Tough PLA Filament  allows you to create durable, high-impact strength prototypes and fixtures.

Print without the hassles of ABS or the brittleness of PLA. Whereas printing with ABS can easily result in warping, Tough PLA Filament is engineered and tested for consistent results. You can print jigs and fixtures with threaded and snap fits that can withstand repeated use.

Save time and money creating durable, high-impact prototypes and fixtures just not possible with PLA

  • Greater durability than PLA —which means it can flex more than PLA before it breaks
  • Warps less than ABS, which makes for more reliable print results
  • Similar tensile, impact, and flexural strength to ABS

Tested and optimized to print reliably and easily

  • MakerBot Print optimizes slicing for this bundle and your MakerBot 3D Printer
  • The drive system within the Tough Smart Extruder+ and MakerBot’s firmware are tuned and optimized for consistent print quality and reliability with this bundle.
  • Optimized for MakerBot Replicator+, MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer (5th Gen), and MakerBot Replicator Z18 3D Printer
  • This swappable extruder allows you to print with Tough PLA Filament and easily switch to the Smart Extruder+ for printing with MakerBot PLA Filament

Created for engineers and designers, MakerBot Tough PLA Filament allows you to print durable, high-impact strength prototypes and fixtures. This filament is tested and optimized to print reliably and easily with the Tough PLA Smart Extruder+


MakerBot Print is required

Glass Temp: 140-149°F [60-65°C]
Melting Temp: 302-320°F [150-160°C]
Nozzle Temp: 419°F [215°C]

Filament diameter 0.07 in [1.75 mm]
Spool diameter 9.84 in [25.0 cm]
Spool width 1.57 in [4 cm]
Spool hub hole 2 in [5.08 cm]

2 lb [1 kg]

More Information
Spool Size900g
Filament Thickness1.75 mm
Plastic TypeTOUGH
3D Printing TechnologyFilament (FDM/FFF)
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