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From simple movements and speech, all the way to a full blown personal assistant

Picoh is the near-infinitely customisable robot that you control with code.

In an ever advancing digital world people are understanding less and less of the tech they use. We interact with robots at checkouts, speak to AIs on our phones and have our news feeds and adverts dictated by algorithms. To truly flourish in this digital age as many people as possible need to be able to understand, program and control machines - but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why Picoh was born.

Sometimes robots are like a black box, we talk to them and they reply but we don't know what happens inside their shells. Picoh's brains are open, you can get into the programs and change them however you like, copy, tweak and refine our examples or start something new of your own.

We have three different programming tools available depending on what computer you have and how you want to code. With so many possibilities we are constantly thinking of new things to program Picoh to do and look forward to hearing what you discover.

Ohbot App - Windows

The Ohbot App is a fully featured block programming environment, specifically designed to make programming a range of Picoh programs simple and fun. We've been developing and refining the app for 4 years. You can try it out yourself for free by downloading from the Windows Store.

Here are some of the things you can do with the app:


The Ohbot App is translated into 4 languages.

Share and Download and Like programs on The Ohbiverse. Our platform specifically made to host Ohbot and Picoh programs.


Teaching Picoh to hear you.

Programming Picoh to react to sound.

Python - Open source library for Windows, Raspberry Pi, macOS

Picoh runs on a modified version of the Ohbot, open source Python Library. Regardless of your platform the library delivers full control of Picoh with simple commands.

Easy to integrate into any Python project, our library was designed specifically for controlling robot heads. Gain full low-level control of all Picoh’s hardware and utilise a text to speech engine with auto lip sync.

Scratch 3

We're excited about the possibilities of Scratch 3 and we've already written a Scratch 3 extension and a Chrome extension which control Picoh from Scratch 3 in a browser.

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