Robotis CM-150

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The CM-150 controller is used with ROBOTIS DREAM, and various DREAM parts (geared motor, servo motor, touch sensor, LED module, IR sensor, etc.) can be connected to it.

RoboPlus Manager (Version or higher) can be used for firmware recovery.

RoboPlus Task (Version or higher) can be used to write task code that is downloaded onto the CM-150.

A mini USB cable or an LN-101 can be used to connect the CM-150 with a PC to download programs.

The m.Task app for mobile devices can be used to download programs using a wireless module.

The BT-210 / BT-110A / ZIG-110A wireless modules can be connected to the CM-150 for wireless downloading.

The CM-150 controller does NOT support RoboPlus Motion. 


The CM-150 can NOT replace the CM-100A controller used with OLLO products. Embedded programs are not provided, and software other than RoboPlus can NOT be used.


  • 1 x CM-150 Controller

* Download cable NOT included.

Hardware Specifications

CPUARM Cortex STM32F103C8
Operation Voltage3.2V ~ 4.2V Recommended : 3.7V (Li-ion battery x 1)
Consuming VoltageStandby Status 50mA Executing Status : 70mA Max Limit : 300mA
Operating Temperature-5℃~70℃
Internal I/O DeviceIR Sensor (For distance detection) x 3 MIC (For sound detection) x 1 Buzzer x 1
External I/O Device4-pin communication port (for wireless control and download) x 1 Micro USB port (for PC connection) x 1 Motor connection port (for geared motor) x 2 Multipurpose port (for sensors and output) x 2

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