Robotis - CM-530 Controller (Bioloid & AX, MX Servos)

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Robotis - CM-530 Controller (AX/MX Series)

The CM-530 Controller features an 32bit Arm Cortex M3 processor and combines a CPU, TTL communication board (3pin Dynamixel bus), status LED, input buttons, GP I/O ports, buzzer and Sound sensor.
It is compatible with the AX and MX series, and the communication is handled by the native USB connection to the PC and IR, Zigbee or Bluetooth for Wireless control.

This is the micro controller used in the latest Bioloid kits (PREMIUM, STEM). In terms of programming, the CM-530 is fully compatible with Roboplus and advanced users can program it in Embedded C (WinARM).


  • 1 x CM-530 Controller
  • 1 x Mini USB Cable

Hardware Specs

  • Weight: 54g
  • CPU: ARM Cortex STM32F103RE
  • Operation Voltage: 6V ~ 15V (Recommended Voltage 11.1V)
  • Current Consumption when IDLE: 50mA
  • External I/O max current: 0.3A (for sensors and Zigbee)
  • Overall max current: 10A (Fuse)
  • Operating Temperature: -5º ~ 70º
  • 5 x buttons
  • 1 x Sound sensor
  • 6 x 5 Pin analog I/O ports
  • 5 x 3 Pin (TTL) Dynamixel Servo Bus connector (compatible with AX/MX servos)
  • CM-530 Controller details on the Robotis Support Site

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