ROBOTIS - SMPS2Dynamixel: Power Supply adapter to the Dynamixel Bus

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This device provides power from the SMPS to the dynamixel. Connect the SMPS(for CM-5) to the DC terminal and connect the dynamixel using the cable. There are two 3P connector for AX series and two 4P connector for DX/RX series mounted on the SMPS2Dynamixel.

The power line and communication line are all connected making it capable of becoming the role of the dynamixel expansion bus. When controlling the dynamixel with the USB2Dynamixel, power can be easily supplied. Can be used by connecting to a proper DC terminal. Can be used according to each dynamixel's proper voltage. However, the maximum supply voltage is 20V.

A shrink tube is used to cover the circuit part to protect it from short circuit from metal substances.

The DC jack on the SMPS adaptor is 2.5/5.5mm


  • 1 x SMPS2Dynamixel

The DC Power Supply is not included. For AX servos, we recommend using the SMPS 12V. For other servos you may use a DC Power supply respecting the Servo specifications and never exceeding 20V (maximum voltage supported by this device)


  • AX Series Servos (one wire TTL)
  • DX/RX/EX/MX Series Servos (RS 485)
  • USB2Dynamixel
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