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Robotis Bioloid PREMIUM Kit

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    ROBOTIS Premium

    From basic to advanced robots

    Build a huge variety of robots, from a 1 DOF robot to an 18 DOF humanoid. You get assembly manuals (downloadable) and basic programs for 29 different robots!

    Make it intelligent! Add sensors!

    The kit comes with a 2 axis Gyro, distance measurement and infrared sensors to make the examples on the manual but you can add up to 6 analog sensors (5v).

    Remote control or use your tablet!

    With the new Bluetooth module you can either use the remote controller or send instructions directly from a computer or tablet. With apps for Android and iOS it's even easier to program your robot.

    Easy to program

    With a GUI based programming software this kit is ideal for kids to start learning how to code. First you record the motions, then with a simple GUI scripting language (click and choose) you can make the robot respond to sensors or remote controller buttons.

    Introduction Video

    Hexapod - Spider
    Advanced Construction 18 DoF

    Advanced Construction 18DoF

    Assembly Instructions

    Assembly instructions for all the 29 documented shapes can be found here:

    Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced | Humanoid Type A, B and C

    Advanced Technology:

    The Bioloid Robot Kits are designed as combination of different Brackets and Servos that allow for multiple types of joints / articulations.

    The kit includes 18x AX-12A servos that offer high power and high reliability. AX-12A are one of today's most popular servos among Robot enthusiasts.

    All the Servos and Components are networked and connect to the Intelligent Micro Controller via the Dynamixel bus. This is a one-wire, High Speed digital bus that runs at Speed of 1 Mbpsoffering precise communication and control.

    CM-530 Microcontroller

    The "Brain" of the Robot, commands all the Servos and Sensors running pre-programmed Motions and Action Programs. The CM-530 is the latest controller for Bioloid robots featuring a 32 bit Arm Cortex M3 micro controller (STM32F103RE) with native USB support.

    In addition, the CM-530 includes 6x External A/D ports and an interface for Wireless Communication supporting IR, Zigbee and Bluetooth.

    • 32 bit Arm Cortex M3 processor (STM32F103RE)
    • USB port for PC connection
    • 6 GPIO / A/D ports for expansion with Robotis sensors or third party sensors
    • Communications port compatible with IR,  Zigbee (ZIG-110A) and Bluetooth (BT-110A).
    • Embedded Mic and Buzzer
    • Support for LiPo batteries: cut-off mechanism and real time battery level reporting.
    • 5x 3pin Dynamixel bus ports (TTL).
    • CM-530 Controller details on the Robotis Support Site

    AX-12A Servo Motors

    The included AX-12A servos offer high torque and reliability and are one of today's most popular servos among Robot enthusiasts and Research projects world wide.
    The servos connect to each other in a Daisy Chain and communicate over the Dynamixel bus, a High Speed (1 Mbps) networked digital bus.

    Powerful Programming Tools

    Roboplusis the Software Suite used by the Bioloid PREMIUM Kit. It is a Full Featured software suite used to Manage your Robot and Create new Motions and Autonomous Behaviours:

    • RoboPlus Motion to develop new Motions for the Robot
      • Catch-and-play functionality
      • 3D Motion Editor
      • Inverse Kinematics Engine
      • Interoperability with Microsoft Excel letting you design and fine tune motions and servo positions based on your calculations.
    • RoboPlus Task to develop Autonomous Behaviours for the Robot
      Advanced Graphical Programming tool that combines ease of use and power.
      You use constructs of structured programming - variables, LOOPs, IFs, and FUNCTIONS - in a Graphical, Easy to Use environment.
      Task includes an additional feature - a CALLBACK function (called every 8 ms) - that simulates Task Switching. It's purpose is to enable real time adjustments of walk and motions based on sensorial feedback (such as readings from the Gyro for Dynamic Stabilization).
    • RoboPlus Manager and RoboPlus Terminal

      Manager is designed to manage your Robot, and brings together all the features of Firmware Management and Dynamixel bus debugging and interaction. It offers a unique view of all devices on the bus letting you view (and modify) the various parameters of each device in real time.

      Terminal is the classic Robotis Terminal where you can interact directly with the Robot. It can also be used to view Debug output from RoboPlus Task Programs.

    Advanced Sensorial Input:

    The PREMIUM Kit includes a comprehensive range of sensors for improved autonomous behaviour:

    • 1x DMS Sensor (Sharp IR Distance Sensor for reliable Distance Measurement and Obstacle Sensing)
    • 2x IR Sensors (for Obstacle Sensing, Edge Detection and Ambient Light Detection)
    • Sound Sensor and Buzzer (built in the CM-530 controller)
    • Gyro Sensor for Balancing / Stabilization:
      The kit includes with a 2 axis Gyro that connects to the CM-530 A/D sensor ports.
      A typical usage for the Gyro is Self Balancing / Stabilization . Sample Source Code of Walk Stabilization is written in Roboplus Task and available for enhancement and modification.

      Gyros can also be used for many other purposes and a maximum of 3 Gyros per Robot are supported for advanced/custom designs.

    • In addition, the PREMIUM Kit supports connecting other (third-party) A/D sensors directly to the CM-530. Details here.

    For maximum flexibility and extensibility, the sensors can be assembled individually on any part of the Robot using specific frames and connect to the A/D ports on the CM-530 controller.

    Valuable Features

    • USB Connection to the PC
    • LiPo Battery
      The Robot is equipped with an 11.1V LiPo battery (1000 mAh) which is assembled outside the Robot (bellow the Controller).
      This modification improves the Robot behaviour in many different ways:
      • Lower center centre of gravity
      • Increased run times on a full charge
      • Easy exchange of batteries, ideal for long periods of use such as demonstrations and especially competitions. 
    • RC100 Gamepad (with Zigbee or IR)
      The RC100 is the Robotis interpretation of a Playstation-style gamepad.
      This Gamepad is now included with all PREMIUM kits and is fully supported by the Roboplus Suite. It can work over Infrared or Zigbee for maximum performance and reliability.
    • Human Like look and feel, fully customizable
    • Easy Cable Routing Systemprolongs cable life and eases maintenance.
    • Light Weight, Strong Frames

    Additional Information and Documentation

    Additional Manualsand Information can be found on the ROBOTIS Online Tech Support Site here

    • Bioloid PREMIUM on the ROBOTIS Tech Support Site
      Tutorials, Sample Code and Misc. Information about the PREMIUM Kit. After accessing the page, explore the Menu on the left side of the page to access all the information.
    • RoboPlus Software Suite (Motion, Task, Manager, ...)
      Introduction and Tutorials about Roboplus
    • Connecting Other (Third Party) Sensors to your Bioloid
      Information about the Pinout of the A/D ports and how to use them. Sample Roboplus Code is supplied.

    For in depth information about the Robot, the included parts and the Software refer to the ROBOTIS Online Tech Support Site.

    Kit Contents:


    This item may include Lithium Batteries, please read the battery precautions on the battery product page.
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