Carbide 3D - Shapeoko 3 Maintenance Kit

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Carbide 3D

Keep your Shapeoko up and running with this maintenance kit. Broke a v-wheel? Need a new belt?, eccentrics worn out? Regardless of what you need it for, the Shapeoko Maintenance Kit will get you fixed up and running in no time! This kit includes everything you might need to repair your Shapeoko.

The belt length in this maintenance kit has been suited to fit the Shapeoko XXL (1 for x-axis @ 1200 mm, 2 for y-axis @1200 mm), but each can be cut to size in order to fit the v3 or XL instead.


  • Assembled Polycarbonate V Wheels (16pcs
  • 9mm steel core Belts (1200mm x 3pcs)
  • 6mm Z-axis belt (1pc)
  • Eccentric HD Nuts (8pcs)
  • M5 x 18 Screws (8pcs)
  • M5 x 20 Screws (8pcs)
  • GT2 9mm, 6.35mm bore pulleys (3pcs)
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