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The XL330 series is a compact and lightweight DYNAMIXEL which is very useful solution when building a small application or operating DYNAMIXELs in a small space.

Unlike previous entry level models, the voltage range is 3.7V ~ 6V and XL330 comes with various operating modes including Current Based Position Control and Current Control

  • 1.Various Operating Modes
  • Velocity Control, Position Control, Extended Position Control, PWM Control, Current Control, Current Based Position Control

  • 2.Profile Control for Smooth Motion Planning
  • 3.Input Voltage : 3.7V ~ 6V ( Recommended 5V)
  • 4.Small sized DYNAMIXEL model - Dimension : 20 X 34 X 25 (WⅹHⅹD) [mm] & Weight : 18g
  • 5.Support RC Protocol without additional converting device
  • 6.Energy Saving with Reduced Current

  • Package Components

    Robot Cable-X3P 180mm1
    Bolt M2x6 TAP6
    Bolt M2x8 TAP10

    Compatible Products

    Controller : Arduino MKR Shield

    Interface : USB2Dynamixel, U2D2

    Factory Default Settings

    ID : 1

    Baud Rate : 57600bps

    (User can change various settings including ID and baud rate according to environment)

    Performance Comparison



    Model NameXL330-M288-T
    MCUCortex-M0+ (64 [MHz], 32bit)
    Input Voltage Min. [V] 3.7
    Recommended [V] 5.0
    Max. [V] 6.0
    Performance Characteristics Voltage [V] 5.0
    Stall Torque [N·m] 0.52
    Stall Current [A] 1.5
    No Load Speed [rpm] 104.0
    No Load Current [A] 0.15
    Continuous Operation Voltage [V] -
    Torque [N·m] -
    Speed [rpm] -
    Current [A] -
    Resolution Resolution [deg/pulse] 0.0879
    Step [pulse] 4,096
    Angle [degree] 360
    Position SensorContactless absolute encoder (12Bit, 360 [deg])
    Maker : ams(, Part No : AS5601
    Operating Temperature Min. [°C] -5
    Max. [°C] 60
    Baud Rate Min. [bps] 9,600
    Max. [bps] 4,500,000
    Control AlgorithmPID
    Gear TypeSpur
    Gear MaterialEngineering Plastic
    Case MaterialEngineering Plastic
    Dimensions (WⅹHⅹD) [mm]20 X 34 X 26
    Dimensions (WⅹHⅹD) [inch]0.78 X 1.33 X 1.02
    Weight [g]18.00
    Weight [oz]0.63
    Gear Ratio288.4 : 1
    Command SignalDigital Packet
    Protocol TypeHalf duplex Asynchronous
    Serial Communication (8bit, 1stop, No Parity)
    Link (Physical)TTL Level Multi Drop Bus
    ID0 ~ 252
    FeedbackPosition, Velocity, Load, Realtime tick, Trajectory, Temperature, Input Voltage, etc
    Protocol versionProtocol 2.0
    Operating Mode / AngleCurrent Control mode:Endless turn
    Velocity Control mode:Endless turn
    Position Control Mode:360 [deg]
    Extended Position Control Mode:±256 [rev]
    Current-based Position Control Mode:±256 [rev]
    PWM Control Mode:Endless turn
    Output [W]-
    Standby Current [mA]15


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