Robotis Engineer KIT 1

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Robotis Engineer Kit 1

Smart AI-Based Multi-Joint Educational Robot Kit

Designed for Education, Hobby , Entertainment and Competition.

This kit provides excellent opportunity to learn technologies required in future industries such as electronic control, AI, 3D printing, coding, camera vision processing and manipulation.

Robotis Engineer Kit 1


Advanced Programming

Use Object Recognition based on Tensor Flow with machine learning to learn, identify, and recognize objects.

Human-robot interaction with facial expressions based on user input.

Facial recognition and tracking using a camera.

Modular Actuator

Features DYNAMIXEL brand all-in-one Smart Actuators which include built-in motors, gear reduction, microcontrollers and communication.

Dual axis configurations (for X-Y movement) and built-in features provide user-friendly assembly options.

Multiple App Integrations

Exclusive App for ROBOTIS ENGINEER KIT(Android/IOS)

Edit and create robot motions using your PC or smart device App.

Joint Based Movement

Easily create different multi-jointed robots including biped and hexapod designs using DYNAMIXEL smart actuators.

Features a competition-ready bipedal walking robot using parallel link structures.

3D Printing Curriculum

Incorporates a systematic 3D printing design curriculum composed of 24 chapters.

Includes training content covering everything from operation of 3D printers to print management practices.

Python Programming Compatible

Supports coding using the Python programming language & free ROBOTIS software.

Features a competition-ready bipedal walking robot using parallel link structures.

Systematic Pipeline for Robotics Education

Next-generation education / research robot that can acquire and enjoy key technologies of the fourth industrial revolution such as electronic, AI, 3D printing, coding,vision etc.

Hardware Specifications

Main Controller: CM-550 x1

Main Controller: CM-550
MCUARM Cortex M4
Internal Components - 2 Operating Modes (Mode & Start)

- Mic (1)

- Buzzer (1)

- Voltage Sensor (1)

- Gyro Accelerometer (1)

- Bluetooth (BLE Slave) (1)

- RGB LED (3)

External Components - 5 Pin Sensor Port (5)

- DYNAMIXEL X-Series 3-pin Connector (6)

Robot Exclusive Actuator (2XL430-W250-T) x6

Robot Exclusive Actuator
- Stall Torque: 1.5 (Nm) (at 12.0 [V],1.4 [A]

- No Load Speed: 61 [rpm] (at 12.0 [V])

- Weight: 98.2 [g]

- Dimensions: (W x H x D) 36 x 46.5 x 36 [mm]

- Gear Ratio: 257.4:1

- Materials:

Full Metal Gear

Engineering Plastic Case

Lithium Polymer Battery x1

- Type: Lithium Polymer

- Voltage: 11.1 [V] (3 Cell, 3S1P)

- Buffer Voltage 12.6 [V], Lowest Voltage 9.6 [V]

- Volume: 1300 [mAh]

- Discharge Rate: 15C

- Dimensions: 70 x 36 25 [mm]

- Weight: 102 [g]

Robot Configurations



Dr.R is an AI-Based Smart Robot that can identify objects and faces, and voice recognition utilizing sensors on a smart device to interact with users.



SPI is a Biometric Robot optimized to replicate motions of anthropods. Depending on the assembly method, users can create different variations of this robot.



MAX-E1 is a humanoid Robot standing at 38cm tall, optimized to replicate human movement, with 12 joints assembled together by 6 High-Performance 2XL430 DYNAMIXEL Motors and parallel linked legs to allow flexible motions for avariety of motions such as stable Bi-Pedal movement.

Parts List


Exclusive Software

R+m.Task 3.0 is an app which includes tools to control and program the robot using a mobile device.


Operate 3 diverse programming in one application.

- Task : Use of C programming language based icon to operate robot program.

- Motion Program : Use of 3D based motion animator to make robot movement.

- Python : It is compatible with Python programming language often used in robot programming.


Check 1 - To download curriculum lesson plans, follow the instructions below!

Visit to access online curriculum and lesson plans!

a. Create an account @

b. Fill out the ROBOTIS EDU Form. (This can be found at

c. Download 3D Printing & Programming Curriculum in PDF Format for easy classroom implementation!

Check 2 - Visit the ROBOTIS e-Manual for additional resources at!

a. Visit

b. Click on STEAM -> ROBOTIS ENGINEER -> Kit 1

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