Robotis - Dynamixel MX-106T Servo (TTL)

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Robotis - Dynamixel MX-106T Servo (TTL)

The Dynamixel MX Series servos feature a contactless (Magnetic) position encoder and PID control for superior accuracy and reliability. The MX series offers 12bit (4096) position resolution and can operate in the 360º range offering 0.008º resolution.

Dynamixel Servos are connected using a Daisy Chain mechanism and are queried and controlled with an advanced Serial protocol. Over 50 Read/Write parameters are available including Position feedback, Load feedback and PID tuning.


Advanced durability, degree of precision, and wider control zone were achieved thanks to the newly applied CONTACTLESS ABSOLUTE ENCODER

360 degrees POSITION CONTROL without dead zone

4,096 PRECISE RESOLUTION by 0.088 degrees


Reliability and accuracy were advanced in the position control through PID CONTROL

High baud rate up to 4.5Mbps

Torque control via current sensing

Supports dual mode for master/slave method

MX 106 External Improvements

Reinforced wheel gear bearing Fixed nuts

12-bit resolution, 360º operation range with super-durability

Precise and reliable PID control

Maxon motor, 32-bit controller, high communication speed. The dimensions are compatible with RX and EX series servos

Position and speed control with dual-loop current control (MX-64, MX-106 only)
ModelMX-106T model - TTL level communication.
Dimension40.2mm x 65.1mm x 46mm
Gear Ratio225 : 1
Operation Voltage (V) 10 12 14.8
Stall Torque (N.m)8.08.410.0
Stall Current (A)
No Load Speed (RPM)414555
MotorMaxon Motor
Minimum Control AngleAbout 0.088º x 4,096
Operating RangePosition Control Mode : 360º
Wheel Mode : Endless turn
Operating Voltage10~14.8V (Recommended voltage : 12V)
Operating Temperature-5ºC ~ 80ºC
Command SignalDigital Packet
ProtocolHalf duplex Asynchronous Serial Communication
(8 bit, 1 stop, No Parity)
Link (physical)TTL level Multi Drop Bus
(daisy chain type connector)
ID254 ID (0~253)
Baud Rate8000bps ~ 4.5Mbps
Feedback FunctionsPosition, Temperature, Load, Input Voltage, etc.
MaterialCase : Engineering Plastic
Gear : Full Metal
Position SensorContactless absolute encoder (Magnetic Encoder)

By default MX servos are set to ID1 and 57600bps; after purchase,
please change ID and baud rate according to your needs.


Compatible Frames and Horns Compatibility Chart
Drawings 2D and 3D
Speed VS Torque Graph Download Graph

Software / Control Environment

  • Software for Dynamixel control : ROBOPLUS - Download
  • C/C++, C#, Labview, MATLAB, Visual Basic et. : Library – Download

Kit contents

ServoMX-106T 1
HORNHN05-N102 (MX Exclusive)       1
WASHERThrust Washer 1
CABLE4P Cable 200mm 1
BOLT/NUT     Wrench Bolt M2.5*4  16pcs
Wrench Bolt M3*8 1
Nut M2.5 18pcs

Compatible horns and frames

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