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AgileX - LIMO
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£2,610.00 £2,175.00


    LIMO mobile robot: everything you need for AI navigation

    The LIMO mobile robot offers a scalable structure and is fully ROS compatible, ideal for working on applications requiring autonomous navigation. This mobile robot is perfect for students (in robotics engineering, electrical engineering, industrial computing, etc.) and for robotics challenges (like the RoboCup).

    It consists of an AgileX mobile platform with interchangeable wheels. You can switch from tracked to 4-wheel omni-directional or differential driving.


    What You Can Do With LIMO?

    The portable LIMO is an incredibly versatile and multifunctional robotic platform for beginners as well as advanced programmers. It uses the modular programming languages ROS 1 or ROS 2 to achieve many functional purposes including Simultaneous Localization and Mapping(SLAM), autonomous path planning and navigation, obstacle avoidance, and object detection for all AI robots and unmanned driving applications.

    Simultaneous Localization and Mapping

    Obstacle Detection and Avoidance


    Four Steering Modes

    Four steering modes make LIMO substantially superior to other robots in its class. The available modes are: Omni Wheel Steering, Tracked Steering, Four-Wheel Differential Steering and Ackermann Steering. Switching between modes can be completed in just 3 mins and they can meet the requirements for different environments including indoor and outdoor scenarios.

    Omni Wheel Steering Mode can realize translation and rotation in place in any direction, including straight, oblique, horizontal, S-shaped travel, zero-radius rotation, narrow and irregular spaces at any angle, etc.
    Four-wheel Differential Steering Mode can tackle all complex terrain. Driving on any surface from smooth concrete to sandy roads is possible.
    Ackermann Steering Mode is highly similar to automobile steering which turns the inner and outer wheels at the appropriate angles for more stable steering. This system is customizable based on the steering speed.
    Tracked Steering Mode uses a large contact with the ground and adjusts steering speeds of the left and right sides for multiple surfaces such as smooth roads, sandy and rugged roads, slopes, etc.
    Tracked Steering Mode

    How to switch to Ackermann Steering Mode from Omni Wheel Steering Mode?

    Simply pull up the red button.

    Open-source Software For More Possibilities

    Equipped with multi USB ports, and powered by Nvidia Jetson Nano, LIMO can be fully customized according to one’s needs. Other pieces of hardware can be attached to the ports to meet whatever requirements are necessary. Programming Demo, ROS Packages and Simulation powered by Gazebo are supported as well.

    LIMO is suitable for beginners just learning robotics or advanced users and is a great tool for educational purposes, such as STEM.

    Many fields can be applicable, such as AI Geek, Robot Challenge, Autonomous Driving Research, Robot Refit and Robot Development.

    All The Features You Need

    LIMO is powered by an NVIDIA Jetson Nano Processor. The Jetson Nano is an ideal tool to start learning AI and robotics. It helps you to get started quickly and gives you full access to open-source capabilities.

    Equipped with 360° Scanning LiDAR, RealSense infrared camera and touch screen display, LIMO has a higher performance sensor configuration built in.

    360º Scanning LIDAR

    It allows LIMO to do mapping, navigation and avoid any obstacles while moving.

    Intel Camera D435

    This depth camera helps LIMO accuractely measure its distance from objects. What's more, the Real-Sense infrared camera allows LIMO to be able to work in the dark.

    7-Inch Touch Screen Display

    It allows you to set up and control LIMO easily and intuitively at your fingertips.

    Voice Module

    The voice module comes with a built-in microphone and speaker, which enables LIMO to recognize letters, numbers, and automatic voice reading broadcasts.

    With these incredible features, LIMO can achieve precise self-localization, SLAM & V-SLAM mapping, route planning and autonomous obstacle avoidance, reverse parking, traffic light recognition, and more.

    Specially-Designed Simulation Table

    LIMO comes with a specially designed simulation table. It’s fun and convenient, the simulation table can help you quickly simulate and test the developing functions in the most realistic scenario possible.

    Why is the simulation table needed?

    Beginner friendly, perfect for teaching demonstrations and testing

    Perfect for developing new functions such as obstacle recognition, positioning and navigation

    Easy to assemble, it only takes 15 minutes to install or disassemble


    With the simulation table, LIMO can develop and demonstrate multiple functions: traffic lights recognition, reverse stall parking, flexible turning, and climbing gentle slopes.


    What's In The Box

    Mechanical ParamenterDimension322x215x247mm
    Chassis height20mm
    Climbing Ability25º
    Wheel-Motor IntegrationHub Motor(4x14.4W)
    Harware SystemWorking temperature-10~+40ºC
    Power interfaceDC(5.5x2.1mm)
    SystemUbuntu 18.0
    CPUARM 64Quad core@1.43GHz (Cortex-A57)
    GPU128core NVIDIA Maxwell @921MHz
    Battery5600mAh 12V
    Work time40min
    Standby time2h
    Communication InterfaceWIFI
    SensorLIDAREAI X2L
    Depth Cameraintel D435
    Industrial PCNVIDIA Jetson Nano (4G)
    Voice moduleIFLYTEK Voice Assistant/Google Assistant
    TrumpetLeft and right channels (2x2W)
    Monitor7 inch 1024x600 touch screen
    Remote ControlStandard Accessories
    Standard WheelsOff-road wheel x4, Mecanum wheel x4, track x2
    More Information
    Maximum Translational Velocity1m/s
    Maximum Payload5kg
    Climbing Ability25º
    Operating TimeAbout 40min
    Charging TimeAbout 2 hours
    Standby timeAbout 2 hours
    Working temperature-10~+40ºC
    Chassis MaterialPowder-coated aluminum plate, 2mm thick;Plastic
    SBCNvidia jetson Nano 4G
    CPUARM 64Quad core@1.43GHz (Cortex-A57)
    GPU128core NVIDIA Maxwell @921MHz
    LidarEAI Lidar X2L
    CameraOrbbec Dabai
    EncodersMotor Embedded Encoder
    Voice ModuleIFLYTEK Voice Assistant / Google Assistant
    Screen7 inch 1024x600 TouchScreen
    Battery5200mAh 12V
    WheelsOff-road wheel x4, Mecanum wheel x4, track x2
    ConnectivityWifi / Bluetooth / UART / LAN
    Open Source ROS (compatibility)ROS1
    SystemUbuntu 18.04
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